Basic Portion Control Infographic

Infographics are cool. So I made one about portion control. It includes the main types of calories and the amounts you should consume. Sizes vary from person to person and should be adjusted to an individuals activity levels, age and gender.

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Juicing – Yes or No?

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The question should be, why are you Juicing or cleansing in the first place? The appeal of cleansing mainly hits those who generally haven’t been looking after themselves too well. The word ‘cleanse’ pretty much taps in to your sub-conscious and says “we’ll purify you”. Which is daft, but it appeals and I get it…

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7 Proven Tips to Getting A Better Body

  HOW TO ACTUALLY LOSE WEIGHT AND GET TONED: (This is a bit wordy but if you want to burn away fat and/or tone up and transform your body, it’s worth a few minutes of your time away from ‘liking’ memes, flipping through Instagram, facebook and reading your moaney mate’s depressing status’s. So let’s crack…

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5 Steps to Getting the Summer Body you want!

If you’re anything like me, you love it when the sun is out. With the weather getting nicer, so too deepens the need to get in-shape! Getting in-shape needn’t be a chore but one thing is for certain, it can DEFINITELY be confusing. All the information out there mostly contradicts one another leaving somebody who…

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The Good, The FAD and The Ugly

Right so I’m not even in to westerns but this title sprung to my mind so I’m rolling with it.   So you want to get in-shape but what option do you take? Firstly, there’s the Good. This is the sensible way to approach it. Let’s take a look at at what makes us healthy.…

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Healthy Lifestyle Infographic

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5 EASY DIET CHANGES you can make for A Leaner, Fitter Body.

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  Small tweaks in your dietary choices can offer you AMAZING benefits. Sometimes we get caught up in our routine of things we like to eat but often times these choices could be much better. So without further a do, here are 5 Healthier options to make to your diet.   1. A Healthy Smoothie…

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Why Trying to Be Perfect is STOPPING you from Getting Results.

food failing blog

This is so common it’s untrue. Either you’re 100% in or 100% out.   You’re on a diet, then you’re off a diet.   Most people when dieting put it off as they convince themselves that one magical day, they’re just going to get out of bed and never, EVER eat any crap again. Alcohol,…

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5 Ways To Get The Body You Want

Straight to the point!   Number 1! Time to learn to stop giving in to your own excuses. Look, I understand, life is hectic at times, you’re tired and have a hard time motivating yourself, I get it. You want to look good naked but ultimately you keep allowing your comfort zone to keep pulling…

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Can you Drink Booze and Lose Weight? Yes!

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Can you lose weight and tone up whilst incorporating alcohol in to your life? In short, yes you can. I know because I did it. BUT, And it’s a huuuge but. You can’t just go mental and expect things to tick along nicely, hopefully that’s obvious to you. You do need to moderate and you…

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