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On the NPNG 28 Day Challenge expect to Drop AT LEAST a dress size, improve toning, increase fitness and actually ENJOY the process

Hi, I'm Stephen Payne

Personal Trainer, Nutrition Adviser, Coach.



Or you can call me Ste.

What I do is help people get in-shape without any wasted time. If you want to get in-shape fast but lack the motivation to go it alone, I'll push and support you to get you there.

If you're wanting to lose weight, tone up or just increase overall health and sense of well-being then I'm confident what I do can help.

I developed NPNG with the aim of helping people get in-shape properly and away from the fads and samey workouts like walking on a treadmill or endless jogging.

There's much more to exercise than that, I'll show you how you can keep things fresh, more enjoyable whilst giving you the best workout possible.

Results are my first priority but I follow this closely by enjoyment as exercise you enjoy is MUCH easier to stick to.

If you've tried the Gym but don't like the atmosphere, don't know what's what or simply struggle to stick at things on your own.

NPNG fixes all these common issues by offering professionally designed workouts where you'll always get the best workout possible, nutrition support based on your goals plus the support from me whenever you need it.

Available Programmes

NPNG Women's Boot Camp (AM)

Monday - Wednesday - Friday 9:30-10:15AM

Newsham Park

NPNG Women's Boot Camp (PM)

Monday - Wednesday - Thursday 6:30-7:15PM

Newsham Park

"Just the best! Really nice and helpful and you can't half feel it! I would recommend Ste as a personal trainer to anyone!"

Erin T


Ladies only outdoor group training held in Newsham Park Liverpool



Outdoor Personal Training Packages - No Gym membership required


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