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NPNG Women's Boot Camp is specifically designed to help women in Liverpool improve their body, fitness and how they feel

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For committed Women Only

Hi, I'm Stephen Payne
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I'm a personal trainer and nutrition coach who created NPNG Fitness to help anyone with the goal of improving their body, fitness and how they feel.

Having been through the process of changing my own body, I became passionate about showing others what it actually takes.

One thing I know is it's not about just following some random diet or trying to stick to exercise you can't stand (think treadmills or endless jogging). You need to have structure, variety, it needs to be both enjoyable and achieve results otherwise you end up losing interest and falling off the wagon. Which isn't good.

This is why I designed NPNG - An outdoor fitness programme that offers workouts which are always different so you don't get bored of the same old routine, focus on all aspects of fitness (Toning, strengthening, fitness and overall health) combined with sustainable nutritional coaching based on your goal.

"Just the best! Really nice and helpful and you can't half feel it! I would recommend Ste as a personal trainer to anyone!"

Erin T

"I've been in bootcamp for 4 weeks now, I absolutely love it! I've seen such a difference in my body shape and mentally I'm definitely more positive, boosted with confidence and filled with motivation."

Meghann S

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